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PubCon Day 1

Wow, information overload.  I thought I would blog at the end of each day of PubCon.  I think I’ll have to summarize quickly and come back with more details later.

Brett Tabke welcomed us to the 10th anniversary of PubCon.  The event started 10 years ago in London when a group got together at a local pub. This years event is the largest ever with over 2000 attendees.  The search engines have not been at the conference (as exhibitors) for 3 years now they have not been willing to pay to attend search conferences. 

David Pogue of the New York Times was the keynote speaker.  His technology info was informative and entertaining. Many people say that the new app phones (smart phones) are a cross of a cell phone and laptop but the app phones actually have many features not available in a laptop including the tilt sensor, built in GPS and more.  David had many examples of iphone apps, one most interesting was Ocarina, a music teacher created the app, sold 1.5 million copies for $1 each.  Wow.  There was much more to David’s presentation and the grand finale was a live version of his hit video, iPhone The Musical.

The first session I attended was entitled In-House SEO. It was a pitch that would probably be of interest to anyone trying to justify and elevate the presence of their SEO efforts within a large corporation.  One good point, anyone involved in SEO should have some sites of their own for safe testing of SEO techniques.

Next up was “Smart Organic Keyword Research and Selection.”  Lots of good tips and especially SEO tools from Wil Reynolds, Seer Interactive; Craig Paddock, Boost Search Marketing, Carolyn Shelby, United Way of Metro Chicago, and Mark Jackson,  VIZION Interactive Inc.   Some of the tools for keyword research that were mentioned are Raven, Google Instant, Google Insights for Search, soovle.com (suggested phrases), delicious (how sites are tagged), Juice Analytics Firefox plugin (keywords with higher traffic), Google Trends, Microsoft Ad Intelligence, Blekko (search engine with seo and links for websites), Wordtracker, semrush, opensiteexplorer.org.   Another way to find appropriate keyword phrases is to show a picture of your product to someone and ask them what they would use to search for it.  Once you’ve selected keyword phrases, a PPC campaign can be used to verify their conversion rate for your site.  Lots of good information in this session.

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