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WebmasterWorld PubCon 2010

I am headed to Las Vegas today for Webmasterworld’s Pubcon. Yea! My last Pubcon was in 2004. It was a great event. The search engines were well represented.  If you were in the know, you could go to the Google booth and pick up free adwords credits. Yahoo threw an elaborate casino night party that all were invited too.  Webmasterradio was new and co-hosted the party. The speakers were great and there were lots of networking opportunities.

Search engine optimization was a lot easier in 2004.  You could look at a site and make sure they had the right on page items and picked up some good inbound links and you were set.  The search engines even still valued links from directories such as Dmoz, the Yahoo Directory, and Microsofts small business directory.  It’s a lot harder now to find authoritative, trusted links. So that’s one of the reasons I am off to Pubcon.  I will attend as many sessions as possible to learn from the masters of SEO.  Looking forward to it. Time to go pack.

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